3d Interactive Floor Projector

3d Interactive Floor Projector

Children Playground Equipment 3d Projector Hologram Tunnel Interactive Motion Floor Games.The ground interactive projection can change any switching screen through the system.Small occupation, multi-players mode, simple operation, it’s suitable for indoor playgrounds, Parent-Child Paradise and other exhibitions

Product Details

Children Playground Equipment 3d Projector Hologram Tunnel Interactive Motion Floor Games

Through the combination of computer processing system and interactive projection technology, a novel interactive experience is produced. The projection equipment hung on the top projects the image effect on the ground. As long as the audience steps into the image area projected by the projector, the multimedia system will sense and recognize it, so as to capture and record the audience's body movements and perform corresponding computer analysis; Combined with the real-time video interaction system, you can directly interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen with your hands or heels. All kinds of fantasy interactive effects will change with your arm position or footsteps movement, bringing the audience into a wonderful world that is plausible and full of fun.

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3d Interactive projection on the wall
1. The size of the screen is large, with strong visual impact
2. It is quick to change the advertisement content and the production cycle is short
3. Rich and flexible delivery forms and broadcast content
4. The system can operate continuously for a long time, and the reliability is relatively strong

Desktop 3d interactive projection
1. The operation interface is more user-friendly
2. Accurate positioning and recognition
3. Integrate multiple effects such as interactivity, entertainment, and practicality into one

3d Interactive projection window
1. The touch film is transparent and full of fashion
2. It can be attached to a variety of media at will
3. Strong technicality, able to penetrate glass or other media

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Parameter for 3d Interactive Floor Projector

Product NameInteractive Projection
Service24-hour after sales service worldwide
Warranty12 months,lifetime maintenance
ApplicationShopping malls, experience halls, cultural tourism

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Development Path

In 2013, the Movie power brand was established

In 2014, 4D/VR special effects controller project development

In 2015, Was rated as Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise

In 2016, Was rated as a national high-tech enterprise

In 2017, Relocation of Movie Power 10000+ Industrial Park

In 2018, 6 main products won the honor of "Provincial High-tech Enterprise Products"

In 2019, Selected as the core supplier of Evergrande's annual VR smart entertainment and education experience science base recognized and passed

In 2020, Won the title of "China's Good Technology"

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