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4D Cinema Equipment

- Dec 12, 2017-

The equipment for 4d cinema

1. 4D screens

According to the material, it is necessary to adopt the metal screen, which can be used for the stereoscopic film of the fixed screening site, which can improve the brightness of the picture and show the polarized light in the film projection. The reduction performance of polarized light can be expressed by the ratio of polarized light and blocking.

From a visual Angle, the image of a cylinder with a 180-degree cylinder is used to make the screen, which means that the screen is kept on a curve of the same center, not a plane (flat screen). 16:9 ratio of high to width of the screen, then the cylindrical annulus 3 d object motion film range expanded, open field of vision, get rid of the flat visual bondage, make the film and television space and space more close to reality, and you can move across and around way, and can give you space. (the difference between "planar siv" -- limits the audience's visual Angle and limits the direction of the object's movement.)

2. 3D glasses

Generally USES polarized glasses, because domestic 4 d film is basically a polarization format, stereoscopic effect is good, light glasses, wearing not feel very uncomfortable, the most important is colour loss is small. The principle is to make the viewer see a different image of the left eye and right eye, so that the image in the human brain is 3D stereo image, thus creating the stereo vision space.

3.4D dynamic stunt seat

The dynamic chair contains a variety of special effects from computer control, including falling, vibration, air blast, water spraying, and tapping. You can also customize ear wind, ear sounds, backstabbing, aroma and so on. There are three degrees of freedom of motion, which allows the experiencer to follow the plot of the movie, or to jump, or sway, or sway.

4. Environmental effects

With carefully designed, smell smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubbles, scenery, figures show, and so on into the 3 d movie and TV, more can customize the balloon, flame, things fall (you can get a gift from heaven crabs, can also be RMB, as long as you can think of is possible). Thus, all the perceptual systems of the people are mobilized so that people can actually enter the movie plot. Because in the film and television in combination of the above special effects, the movie to the audience and field experience closely together, so that the audience watching the 4 d film to obtain visual, hearing, touch, smell, etc, immersive experience, the feeling of dreaming. Through this series of technical improvements and innovations, the four - dimensional film and television has broken through the traditional meaning of film is the concept of light and shadow art, which is a new and truly high-tech product.

5, digital sound system

Use high quality sound effects material - multi - channel surround sound system as cinema sound system. Provide 6.1 or even 7.1 sound channel systems to enhance ambient sound effects. (for example: adding a vocal tract over a theater to simulate flight, thunder, etc.) 4 d cinema of multichannel surround sound system in the design and production of fully considering the cylinder 4 d cinema can make the movement characteristics of 3 d objects to produce around, can accurate positioning objects of sports, make the voice of the 4 d movie and TV and stereo rise, form a real three-dimensional space.

6. 4D stereo video

4 d film is mainly designed according to the circumstances of the film's out of the smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubble, odor, scenery, figures show effect, formed a unique form, and this form of content, called sources.

And the choice of the source of 4D is just good and bad. Try to prioritize good companies or brands. A good brand company, the design of the work, will not be sent where. General formal company or brand manufacturer, the film source also has certain safeguard.

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