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4d Dynamic Cinema Equipment List

- May 04, 2018-

4d dynamic cinema equipment list


1.3D glasses 

Because glasses-free 3 d technology is more and more mature, 3 d glasses is not required equipment, if you need 3 d glasses generally USES polarized glasses, because domestic 4 d film is basically a polarization format, stereoscopic effect is good, light glasses, wearing not feel very uncomfortable, the most important is colour loss is small. The principle is to make the viewer see a different image of the left eye and right eye, so that the image reflected in the human brain is a 3D stereo image, which creates the stereoscopic vision space in which the person is placed.

2. 4D dynamic effect seat.

The action seat is based on the plot of the movie, which contains a variety of special effects from computer control: basic falling, vibration, wind blowing, water spraying, and drumming. You can also customize the ear wind, the ear, the back, the fragrance and so on. There are three degrees of freedom of motion, allowing the experient to follow the movie plot or rapid disease, leap or sway, and pitch.

3. Screen of 4D cinema.

From the material, general mining needs to adopt the metal screen, the stereo film that applies to fixed showing place, can improve the picture brightness, show stereo film to show, the polarized light returns good.

The reduction of polarized light by the metal screen can be expressed by the ratio of polarized light passing and blocking. Detection method is: at a constant source of light (the voltage stability of slide projector) camera placed a polaroid, the polarized light projected on the screen, the luminance meter camera placed another polaroid to measure on the screen

Reflected light, adjust the Angle of the polaroid before the brightness meter, get the maximum brightness value. To rotate the polaroid 90 °, get minimum brightness value.

From a visual Angle, a 180 degree cylinder is used to surround the three-dimensional image -- it means that the screen is kept on an arc of the same center, rather than a plane (flat screen).

16:9 ratio of high to width of the screen, then the cylindrical annulus 3 d object motion film range expanded, open field of vision, get rid of the flat visual bondage, make the film and television space and space more close to reality, and you can move across and around way, and can give you space. (different from "planar four-dimensional film" -- which limits the audience's visual Angle and limits the direction of motion of the object.)

4. Environmental effects

With carefully designed, smell smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubbles, scenery, figures show, and so on into the 3 d movie and TV, more can customize the balloon, flame, things fall (you can get a gift from heaven crabs, also can drop RMB ha ha, as long as you can think of is possible). Thus, all the perceptual systems of the people are mobilized so that people can actually enter the movie plot. Due to the combination of the above special effects in the movie plot in four dimensions, the audience is closely combined with the scene feeling.

Therefore, the audience can get a full range of feelings such as sight, hearing, touch and smell when watching the 4D film, and experience the immersive and dreamlike experience. Through this series of technical improvement and innovation, the four - dimensional film and television has already broken through the traditional meaning of the film is the concept of light and shadow art, is a brand new, real high-tech products.

5. 4D stereo video.

There are few sources of 4D, which is believed to be the consensus after contact and understanding of 4D cinema. With the arrival of many 3d films, I believe that this situation will be improved soon.

6. Digital sound system.

Using high quality sound effects material - multi - channel surround sound system as the sound system of cinema. Provide 6.1 or 7.1 channel systems to enhance ambient sound effects.


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