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4D Holographic Fantasy Theatre

- Dec 12, 2017-

Holographic magic theater 4d project core USES is "the phantom imaging technology" and "holographic" phantom imaging technology, the use of optical image technology implementation stage actors appear and disappear out of thin air and props, the actors shuttle between the real and the fantastic movie scenes, magic magic effect eye-opening. The technology of "holographic phantom imaging" is independently developed by Shanghai haiqin science and technology, and the imaging mode is novel, the visual effect is strong, and the false truth is difficult to argue. The image of magic is suddenly and suddenly, suddenly and suddenly, changing and changing, the interpretation of one or more wonderful touching, or vivid and interesting wonderful story.

The structure

The 4D holographic magic theatre consists of the building space of the queuing area, the rehearsal hall and several parts of the theatre. The project USES space imaging technology, and the illusion is also true.

"Phantom imaging" is a kind of visual technology, which has a strong sense of depth, which is difficult to argue. Its advantages are that the imaging mode is novel, the visual effect is strong, and the image 3d stereo feeling is strong. Images suspended in the air are sometimes in sight, giving people the feeling of reaching out. Sometimes it will take people's vision to the distant starry sky, suddenly and near, suddenly and suddenly, capricious. The spiritual fire is the use of phantom imaging technology to form over the campfire, which is suspended and unreal objects floating in the air, with a unique sense of emptiness. 4 d holographic magic theater, make full use of "the phantom imaging technology, and set the stage of digital video production, optical system, computer control system, realized the jaw-dropping stage effect. Program using the two stage, and then through the optical reflection principle, carefully debugging, to show the audience a sense of magic effects, such as actor appear and disappear out of thin air, birds fell on the actor's hand, fireworks change not only realizes the image and stage actor performing effect, but also the use of optical image implementation stage actors appear and disappear, magic effect will let the audience eyes.


Digital video production in the 4 d holographic magic theater lengths, shows there is a quite interesting special places to attract the audience are those who have a spiritual fire, when the old man his life, the bonfire will accompany his account changes in all sorts of images, these are made using the digital technology, the effect of using 3 d animation tools to shape the fire into the shape of a variety of programs need, and give the nimble movement, when the flame becomes lively girl and lovely children, is to attract audience. Stage lighting makes perfect sense of vision, pleasing to the eye. Program using a wide variety of technical means, but visual effect is very unified, colour, light with a harmonious, beautiful picture feast for the eyes, rhythm ups and downs, stage lighting is very delicate, especially with the lights of the fireworks are lightning, starlight, fire leap, there is smoke, change the rich lighting effects for the entire show grace.

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