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4D Movie Theater Hall Is Quietly Hot

- May 16, 2018-

The rain in the movie, the viewer's face will be sprayed; the heroine flutters in the capsule, the audience is also shaking in the theater seat; the monster yells at the screen in the role, the audience after the cool wind on the neck The protagonist piloted the helicopter and the audience was bumped from time to time with the bumpy seats, backs, hips and legs.

Recently, with the booming domestic film market, 4D movie theater and movie theaters have begun to quietly become popular all around the world.

The 4D movie theater has become the standard for our new movie theater.” A cinema area general manager introduced that 4D movie halls are planned for newly built cinemas in many cities. Many movie theaters have indicated that the audience has a 4D hall in a conspicuous location in the movie theater, and some of them also highlight that the “7 halls” in the cinema are 4D halls.

It is understood that there are two main 4D movie theaters, one is MX4D, and the other is 4DX. The former is American technology and the latter is Korean technology.

"The difference between the two technologies is mainly in the seat. The MX4D seat uses pneumatic technology and the 4DX uses electric technology. It is basically difficult for the audience to feel the difference between the two," said Jean. In addition, the appearance of the MX4D seat is slightly wider and the 4DX seat is more compact.

In early May, there were two main 4D movie theater on the Zhengzhou City Academy Online. One was "The Player Behind the Scenes" and the other was "The Furious Beast." The reporter chose "The Furious Beast."

The movie must be watched in full 3D glasses.

At the beginning, the actress moved in the capsule, and the seats moved synchronously. The back and forth and left and right sides swayed along with the plot, which really made people feel a sense of movement in the weightless space.

Afterwards, the plot was slightly gentler, and the seats were also stopped, just like the ordinary movie theaters. Then the actors and drivers appeared in the plots, and the seats were jolted and rattled, giving the impression that they wanted to wear a seatbelt.

When the male hero piloted the helicopter, the seat leaned back and swayed. There was really a feeling of pulling the aircraft. When the actor was thrown into the air and crashed into the ground, the back of the backrest and the seat seemed to have only Hands irregularly pound the audience's back, buttocks, and thighs, simulating the sensation of the actors falling and bumping.

In the whole movie, whenever a monster roars at a crowd, there will be a breeze or a rushing wind, simulating the atmosphere of a monk in the movie.

The netizens who have watched 4D movie theater in the past also described that when watching 4D movies, “There are planes and racing shots, the chairs shake, the explosions and the guns, the bottom of the buttocks will vibrate, the walls will still be smoked, and there are lights on the roof. flash."

"There will be something that draws people's feet under the seat, and some of the plots will bubble out."

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