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4dx Movie Theater You Can Be In The Movie

- May 04, 2018-

4dx movie theater is developed on the basis of traditional 3d cinema, as the number of guangzhou Movie Power technology co., LTD and entertainment market demand, compared with other types of cinema, has the outstanding theme, the technology content high, effect is distinct, image characteristics of impact strength and advantage. We will not only audio vibration, blowing, water spray, scratching, legs and other special introduction 3d cinema, also according to the scene of the film carefully designed, smell smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubbles, formed a unique immersive experience.

The main characteristics of the shock film hall.

Let the audience and the movie's main characters synchronously experience the action, breeze, rain, smell and other special effects, and thus break through the normal cinema viewing mode and experience. Let your movie city shake the hall every show, attract the audience to experience an endless magical journey.

Seat replacement is simple: theater chair shock and cinemas size is consistent, can be directly replaced several kei chair with ordinary cinema is fully compatible with shock, size is consistent, can directly replace the chair can be within the existing screens, simple to save time, improve the efficiency of cinema operation.

The shocking experience of the leading experience: the shock film hall breaks the shackle of the traditional visual experience mode, draws the audience into the cinema, leads the audience into the movie, and feels the plot.

Seamlessly compatible with Hollywood blockbusters: the studio offers a strong compatibility system with strong applicability, high quality 3D solutions, and support for 2D and 3D movies. A perfect combination of cinemas and cinemas.

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4dx movie theater: our 4D programming experts are dedicated to technology research and development, and we are eager to pursue a truly unique viewing experience.

Shock seat effects.

Shock system: audio vibration.

For example, when an item explodes in the plot, the seat can simulate the feeling of being pushed back according to the size of the audio. There is a distinct vibration sensation when the ground shakes or the sound has a strong bass. The feeling of the wind blowing on the face when the wind blows; When the sword in the film is fast, it can simulate the feeling of a sword passing through the body. An object can simulate mice, snakes, insects and other animals under its legs.

(2) Poke back

Located on the back of the seat, making the audience feel the sudden rush from the back;

(3) sweep a leg

It is located on the shelf, which can help the two parts to experience the feeling of empathy.

The facial water, the jet.

Help the audience feel the real wind and rain.

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