9d Vr Chair

9d Vr Chair

9d vr chair I t o pen s another "vision" world and take s you to the scene 9d vr chair is O pening the new “visual” generation in the future , letting you enter an immersive world, giving you the illusion of weightlessness and the rapid decline of the aircraft, giving people a feeling...

Product Details

9d vr chair

It opens another "vision" world and takes you to the scene

9d vr chair is Opening the new “visual” generation in the future , letting you enter an immersive world, giving you the illusion of weightlessness and the rapid decline of the aircraft, giving people a feeling of personal experience. What makes VR 2 special is that it does not create VR vertigo.


720 degree no dead angle VR helmet

Turn your head that you can touch the new world, experience a glimpse of the world so you can drive the audience

Fast installing and easy operating

No need complicated construction process. The equipment can be opened within one day of operation and placed in business premises to attract customers.

All-round open management

9d vr chair Open operation, no expensive decoration costs, easy to face the venue and business adjustment, attract all customers from anywhere perfectly.


Simple line appearance

The style of the open chair is presented in front of the player in a stereoscopic and intuitive manner, stimulating the desire of the customer to experience

Flexible collocation to create multi-style solutions

The latest cutting-edge and top-of-the-line virtual interactive entertainment technology is the first choice for today’s hot investment. It takes into account customer traffic and space allocation, customized benefit maximization optimization, flexible configuration of entertainment projects.

It without the various risks and safety problems of amusement facilities, but it has various experiences of amusement facilities, vivid and realistic images, passionate special effects, thrilling battle scenarios, and making you experience more authentic. The content is rich and heavy, with its own promotional effect, to ensure the player enthusiasm.

Features for 9d vr chair:

Multiple sensors and shocks

Tactile feedback module

Support rotation, tilt, rise sinking


Wonderful exclusive content,continuously updated

Movie Power has established a big content research and development team,we also cooperate with the well-know game studio ar home and abroad to create the high quality content , gaining the unanimously affirm from global audience



Movie  Power VR Factory has a modern standard area of 2000 square meters of production base in Panyu,Guangzhou. We have lots of professional more than 200 workers. Our products are manufactured from the choice grades of materials and accessories .Our advanced production equipments enable us to manufacture a full set of our products in a week.


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