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9D VR Expo Is Heated In New York City

- Aug 31, 2017-


9D VR Expo is heated in New York City

In addition to the virtual reality center that will be completed at New York university, New York City will host a VR Expo this year.

The NYVR Expo will be held at the javitz center on Oct. 26, and will be the largest VR Expo on the east coast of the United States.



According to the black box, the exhibition is divided into two parts: the activity of the professional will be held on October 26 ~ 27, and the consumer activities will be held on October 28.

In addition, the NYVR expo will set up hatchery, which will showcase 20 9d vr and AR startups.



NYVR Expo exhibitors involve companies in various fields including VR | AR + healthcare, education and entertainment.

Members of the media, film writers, designers, developers, real estate, aviation/military and other industries will attend.



"There are customers here, many brands and media companies here." Hugh seaton, the producer of the event, said the NYVR Expo was aimed at commercial exchange, taking advantage of New York's unique geographical advantages to provide a bigger platform for VR/AR companies.


According to the magazine, the conference has received support from some virtual reality companies such as HTC Vive 9d vr, Microsoft and Facebook.

An estimated 20 million spectators will be present.



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