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9D VR Virtual Reality Theme Park

- Sep 02, 2017-

9D VR virtual reality theme park


According to the virtual reality industry surveyat the end of this yearthere is more than 10,000 9DVR virtual reality theme park in round the world. The experts predict that in 2016 the global virtual reality experience to join the number is expected to exceed 1.5 million, as can be imagined in virtual reality industry chain will be broke.


The structure of 9D VR virtual reality theme park is as follows:

9D VR virtual reality theme park : 9D VR Technology (display technology: 3D stereo picture, 125 degrees of bionics angle of view, 1080P binocular independent high-definition resolution, specific 9D VR headset, 360 degree head tracking. The innovative technology of multi project, human interaction, 3 axis and 6 axis CNC machinery and equipment, such as simulation animation combined in one of the audience) can take immerse into all kinds of dreams, and seems to have a A dream of any door, free to enter into another has never been to the world, enjoy personally on the scene like experience, such as virtual big pendulum roller coaster, death trigger, flight simulation, space odyssey, Jurassic adventure etc.. In recent years, the global popular 3D/5D/7D cinema, 9D virtual reality theme park can be said to enter a new world.


In the 9D VR egg seat, and then wear special 9D VR glasses, opened a large pendulum game, first see is 360 degrees different scenes, look up to see the blue sky, to see themselves in the ground tens of meters in the air rapidly falling, that sense of weightlessness the real reflected. A game of sweat comes down.


 How to running the 9D VR virtual reality theme park: as long as you have a good site.

Unswervingly build strong backing of sustainable profitability for all investors, to provide customers with the most professional, long-term, intimate customer service service, and combined with virtual reality technology, interactive entertainment perfect wisdom frontier, and all investment franchisees, public entrepreneurs in 2016 to create a new era of steady earnings.

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Development of 9D VR virtual reality theme park: miniaturization, high profit

The 9DVR museum is good for both young and old, men and women kill, everywhere all excited shouts and shocked expression, to attract tourists passing through, his profit model is very obvious, does not require a large investment does not require much publicity, the experience of visitors can't help to help you propaganda.


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