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AMD Plans To Hire 500 Engineers In India To Focus On AR/VR Technology

- Oct 10, 2017-

On October 10th AMD plans to hire 500 engineers in India to expand its Indian team by about 40 per cent, focusing on emerging technologies such as VR and AR.

In addition, AMD hopes to retrain employees through AR and VR. "We attach great importance to AR and VR," said Kiranmai Pendyala, CEO of AMD's human resources division. We will hire new talent and invest more in existing staff training to meet the changing needs.

The plan is similar to what AMD did a few years ago, when the company began to develop game hardware and transferred some of its employees to the new division. "We set up Radeon Technologies group, dedicated to developing graphics CARDS and looking at machine learning and VR as a whole new area of growth," Pendyala said.

The company had to import talent from the us because of its lack of skills in hyderabad, India.

AMD says it will also seek talent and technology from universities such as MIT and the university of Texas.

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