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Application Of VR Technology

- Apr 16, 2018-

VR (Virtual Reality)is in the stage of rapid development. The research and development of the whole society on VR originated in 1960s. The rapid development of computer graphics, man-machine interface technology, image processing and pattern recognition, multi sensing technology, artificial intelligent lamp and so on provide a solid foundation for the realization of VR technology. In simple terms, VR technology is an immersive virtual environment that integrates the sense of vision, hearing and touch through the advanced sensing equipment. This environment enables users to feel in another world and interact with the virtual environment in the virtual world.

At present, VR technology has been widely applied and developed in many fields. Known VR studies include immersive 3D games, VR home improvement design, 9D movies, etc. For most people, the most associated with VR technology is the use of game entertainment, which is the direction that many listed companies are investing heavily. But we often ignore the needs of older and disabled groups, and VR technology can make up for their physical or psychological defects by simulating some scenes, giving them a spiritual comfort to achieve the purpose of benefiting these people. This application is more meaningful than simple entertainment.

The importance of VR is obvious. It can be seen from all vendors and developers in the positive degree of VR research and development. According to statistics, there are more than 150 companies producing VR equipment in China. Apple CEO Cook, who interviewed apple in the first quarter of 2016 and rarely talked about the VR, said, "I don't think VR devices are small, it's very cool and has a lot of fun applications." According to reliable news, a team of hundreds of people in Apple Corp is developing VR products and is ready to compete with Facebook's Oculus Rift and Microsoft's Hololens, but its VR product may still take 2 years to release. Therefore, the development of VR technology is of great urgency and prospect. Many enterprises are investing in this technology vigorously, and in 2016 it is also known as the year of VR technology.

For people with physical disabilities, they may not enjoy the convenience of intelligent devices for the rest of their lives. But in recent years, the development of technology has made it possible for disabled people to understand the feelings of healthy people and gradually become a reality. A large number of studies show that handicapped people can learn sports skills in virtual environment. VR technology can also set up virtual family oriented daily living environment, and disabled people can live in it.

Making mistakes in operation will not cause damage to the disabled. In addition to making the disabled people feel the sound body, VR technology can also be applied to medical aspects. A lot of amputations have plagued people with amputation, especially in the areas of amputation, but the illusory limbs can't be seen, and people have not found a way to relieve the pain. Neuroscientist Lamar - chandran has suggested that phantom limb pain is actually derived from the brain, rather than from their own lost limbs. The brain and the body cooperate with each other in order to make various movements, but if a limb is lost, the brain can not feel the existence of the body, and then excavate the memory of the past to create the hallucination of the limb and the pain. Research shows that when human's different feelings conflict, vision always dominates. If we can make the disabled see their phantom limbs, it may help relieve their pain. VR technology allows patients to see and touch their phantom limbs, to control their phantom limb movements, and to see its trajectory, and to "find" their illusory limbs and eliminate phantom limb pain. At present, VR technology is increasingly being used to help disabled people, and explore the world in ways that they cannot use in real life, and the price is low.

Elderly people usually have healthy elderly and elderly people. Healthy elderly people will have a certain resistance to high-tech products because of their limited access to high technology. This kind of resistance is generally the decline of the learning ability of the elderly, resulting in the psychological feelings of "learning not to understand" and "lack of understanding". And because of the lack of patient guidance, a psychological state of refusing to accept the high tech products will be produced in the long run. And VR technology is the gospel of this kind of crowd, the elderly people only need to wear VR equipment, do not need too much operation, it can intuitively feel the visual impact and hearing impact of VR technology. In addition, because the old people have little understanding of the development of the existing technology, many of the realistic effects or scenes are fresh and interesting for them. Therefore, the application of VR technology in such population has broad prospects.

Many of the elderly are in bed in a state of bedridden, unable to walk out of the room and feel the joy of nature. In the long run, they tend to produce lonely and pessimistic psychology. And VR technology can bring them a healthy life experience, although this feeling can not completely cure the disease, but this has played a role in the treatment and repair of their psychological diseases. Because of the high cost and large volume of high quality virtual reality equipment, it is widely used in clinic and is more difficult to extend to family and community.


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