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BBC Will Provide Super Clear VR Live To Bring You To The Live World Cup

- Jun 02, 2018-

 According to the BBC, in order to enhance the fans' viewing experience, the BBC will use the Ultra HD and VR technology to broadcast the World Cup this summer. VR technology is virtual reality technology. It uses computers to simulate the three-dimensional space in a three-dimensional world. Through visual and auditory sensory simulations, it creates an immersive presence. Put on VR glasses and headphones, fans can begin to experience the immersive viewing experience, as if at the stadium.


The BBC plans to provide a free live broadcast of all 33 games on the "BBC Sports VR - FIFA2018 Russia World Cup" application. 29 games on the BBC One will also be broadcasted using 4k HD technology. Ultra HDTV can be accessed via high-speed Internet. At the beginning of the show, the BBC iPlayer's home screen can play HD streams, but the number of authorized users will be limited to “tens of thousands of people”.

Matthew B. Bic, chief executive of technology and products, said: "From the first TV Championship in 1954 and the best moments in England in 1966 to the first World Cup in 1970, to Full HD in 2006, the BBC was in the World Cup. The live broadcast continues to break through, trying to bring a better experience to the audience. Now we will bring another new experience to the audience. ”

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