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Can The Little Baby Digest The Virtual Reality Simulator?

- Aug 31, 2017-

Can the little baby digest the virtual reality simulator?


Are you ready to put the education of your child to the technology?



One of the babies sat in an egg-like booster chair, a virtual reality simulator headpiece on his eyes and earphones tucked in his ears. He looks quiet and clever.


The head, which he wears, is called NurturePod, which claims to manage the baby's diurnal jet lag, allowing the baby to enjoy music, which is compatible with age, including Bach's masterpiece and beyonce's sleep melodies.


This is the installation art by futurist Stuart Candy, who will attend Carnegie Mellon university's school of design this year. "NuturePod is a tangible assumption that it may be the way the future baby experiences a one-piece machine," he says.


The virtual reality simulator device is currently on display at the Antwerp museum of contemporary art in Belgium. NurturePod is listed as one of the new parents recommend purchasing products, sold for 789 euros (about 6185 yuan, that have to be born with a silver in one's baby to have the opportunity to experience), and is suitable for within 1 year old baby.


The device claims to help manage a child's sleep cycle, at the same time stimulate the creativity, body awareness, cultural orientation, emotion regulation and social skills, but it is unclear whether the message has been independently verified.


The NurturePod may seem far-fetched, but it actually fits the current requirements, especially if the technology is already allowed.


"NurturePod is not a product of technological progress, but a slight shift in the values of people. Are you ready to entrust your child's education problems to a technical device?" Candy said.


In fact, NurturePod virtual reality simulator does not need to radically change people's values. In today's society, parents say "going out" often turns into "playing online", such as playing with mobile phones and playing computer games.


"NuturePod just keeps the screen closer." "It's the future," says ms Candy. "we can feel every corner of life on the screen and it's smooth. Imagine how relaxed it is to be able to share parenting with a tired parent.


Meanwhile, Candy also noted that some people have attacked NurturePod, unaware that it is a design of art, not a genuine product.


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