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Can Virtual Reality Still Play Like This?

- Oct 07, 2017-

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is widely applied in our life, more and more industries and fields, with already overturned our initial impression of it, today will come together to take a look at the new VR/AR application

When it comes to signing a contract, we think of two parties sitting in the same office, and now it's a new way to get the contract right.

Boost VC has signed a venture capital plan with startup Arthur Technologies, which was completed on the virtual reality collaboration platform of Arthur Technologies.


The startup with a very novel way of showing their technical ability, Boost VC's general manager, said in VR meeting easier to discuss the company at any time, even more efficient than the real face to face meeting.


It also opens up a wider imagination for the wider VR company, which will also incorporate more into VR in the future.

This motorcycle helmet provides a safer driving environment


In the movie "iron man", the body armor has the advanced artificial intelligence technology, though in reality also cannot achieve, but now, a company called CrossHelmet start-ups, are improving helmet, to incorporate it into AR technology.

They are using motorcycle helmets, which are incorporating AR and head-mounted display techniques to improve drivers' safety.

In the company's helmet, with a rear view camera, you can see the image behind you to eliminate blind spots, and also display information such as navigation routes, speed, etc.

Its biggest feature is the noise reduction technology, which reduces the noise in the driving process and allows people to focus more on driving, thus reducing the occurrence of accidents.

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