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Car Racing Vr

The car racing vr used the dynamic seat can read the force feedback date in the game,dynamically reflected to the driver.

Product Details

car racing vr

The car racing vr used the dynamic seat can read the force feedback date in the game,dynamically reflected to the driver.It can achieve the real car’s centrifugal force,push back ,shake,bumps to restore the state of various road conditions,so that players can feel like inside the cab,experience the visual and tactile shocks of racing physics.


With cool and lovely shape, car racing vr positioning the young people, especially children, wearing VR glasses, experience the feeling of real racing.Another feature is that more sensitive to the sense of vertigo, you can not wear VR glasses, the same can experience the car.Designed to use force feedback steering wheel, accurate simulation of the feeling of the car. Support multiplayer real-time online competition, suitable for young people between sports and entertainment.


How Magic Interactive car racing vr profit you ! 

Ticket price can be set at $5-$8.  The running time of movie is 5 to 8 minutes, and every hour can probably have at least six batches of spectators.

You can earn USD $131,100/year!

Our Factory

Welcome you to our factory!

We always believe that, quality and service are the most competitiveness, therefore, we, are only produce the first-class products and provide excellent service, so in this case, we’re offering professional and stable software, using all professional parts(power parts & PC parts)... to keep the quality stable as always, and that’s why we could offer and promise 2 year super warranty for the market!




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