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Cave Exploration, Italic Building, 4D Cinema, Public Open Day To Feel The Earthquake

- May 16, 2018-

On May 12, Science and Technology Park for Earthquake Preparedness and Disaster Reduction held an Open Day event in which over 4,000 people, including earthquake emergency rescue volunteers and primary and middle school students, participated in the immersive experience to simulate the direct feelings brought by earthquakes in 4D cinema.

This opening day is divided into five display areas: earthquake monitoring, emergency search and rescue, earthquake damage prevention, earthquake science popularization, and monitoring emergency information. In the earthquake monitoring display area, the general public can go deep into the seismic observation caves, get close contact with various types of earthquake monitoring instruments, board the seismic flow monitoring vehicle, make and observe “earthquakes” in person.

In the emergency search and rescue display area, everyone visited the earthquake emergency command vehicle and boarded the “quake slanting building” to watch the search and rescue training subjects of professional emergency rescue team members and personally experienced various rescue equipment.


In the earthquake damage prevention display area, the public visited the shock absorption model on site and experienced the reception of vibration signals by the source vehicle and the pick-up device. In the earthquake science display area, more than 30 exhibition items, 4D cinema, and dome projections are popular among the province's Earthquake Prevention and Mitigation Science Museum. In the monitoring emergency information display area, visitors can view the seismic waveforms in real time and learn about the geological structure and information processing of earthquakes.

On the site of the activity, the earthquake experts also explained the mechanism of earthquake occurrence, the working principle of seismic equipment, seismic fortification of buildings, and common knowledge of earthquake emergency avoidance, and answered citizens’ information about seismic information release, earthquake rumors recognition, and earthquake emergency response mechanism, animal abnormality determination, earthquake disaster prevention and other issues.

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