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China's First VR Theme Park

- Oct 31, 2017-

The world's largest VR theme park

The world's largest science-fiction theme park has been used for only a year and a half of the world's largest science fiction theme park in guizhou province and even southwest landmark. The project defines the future space city, and all 15 themed venues of the garden project have different shapes and forms.

Guizhou "Oriental sci-fi valley" has invested 10 billion yuan, which is a national science fiction theme park integrating science fiction entertainment, science fiction technology and science fiction film and television. Play is set in the universe civilization as the background, the issue of core project design style in different types of universe warships, flying saucer, robot elements for inspiration, 15 theme pavilions using VR, AR, MR and other high technology integration of the traditional recreational equipment, make a VR roller coaster, VR cinemas, holographic alien base, children's science fiction world, robot paradise the sub-project of the entertainment and popular science such as characteristic cultural tourism, let the technology lovers feel of perfect combination of high-tech and guizhou beauty experience, imagining the future life.

Guizhou Oriental science fiction jian-li gu all nutrition, original intention is to build a valuable theme park, many families, it breaks the domestic theme park instruments of single vehicle model, through the experience the theme of "Oriental science valley" IP recreational projects, culture and science subject to teenagers show a new platform for the popular science education, to fill the domestic current mainstream way of education of science and technology, using the power of science and technology, touch the science fiction, but also can guide teenagers to form independent, to explore the mode of learning, improve the comprehensive quality of adolescents.

Valley of guizhou tourism resources are very abundant, Oriental science fiction the big data, and the combination of VR technology and the traditional tourism projects, to form a full experience of the project, make up the blank in the field of science and technology, tourism in guizhou. After being park completed, will also with the application of high-tech research and development, science fiction virtual cultural transmission, large data analysis and application and so on, to build research and development and application of high-tech industrial base, science fiction product derivative application industrial base, science talent geek camp base, etc.

It mainly builds a large science fiction theme park with VR technology as its core, and the digital entertainment industry gathering area which is integrated with science fiction application and research and development. First phase of the park will be around the concept of "alien base", set up 13 different shapes venues, the theme of the use of big data, the latest VR technologies, construction of VR entertainment pavilion, VR theaters, VR roller coaster, holographic alien base, science fiction fairy tale world, such as robot paradise. By experiencing the theme of "Oriental science fiction valley" themed IP culture and science fiction themed tour, people can feel the change of modern technology to life, and think about the future life.

In the center of the Oriental science fiction valley park in guizhou, there stands a huge transformer. According to the introduction, this is the world's number one transformer, the reporter saw, the whole transformer metal feeling handsome and sharp, powerful, is the Oriental science fiction valley with 750 tons of steel construction. Based on the original image of transformers, this transformer is nearly 60 meters high and is the first high transformer robot to create the guinness world record. In order to create a more shocking image of transformers, guizhou Oriental science fiction valley has spent more than 100 million yuan to create the world's most expensive transformers robot.

Now, the world's tallest transformer robot has completed its head lifting, and it is an important step forward from the end of the construction. At that time, the complete transformers visual image will shake the stage.

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