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Cockpit Simulator Flight simulator Description

1.Newest interactive system for Flight simulator
2 Axis motion base flight simulator cockpit simulator is the self-made product by Movie Power, developing by the international modern interactive dynamic control technology by two axles with 360 degrees rotating racks, can integrate software game tightly. Create an ultra-realistic experience in features of interaction, cockpit control, audio, video and simulation for user. 

2.Supported airplane PC flying games
2 Axis motion base flight simulator supported 4 games including HAWX, ACE COMBAT, X–PLANE . There are completely 3D scenes, abundant combat mission and multi player battle games by net work, adequately displaying the diverse function of the fighting helicopter. To show the reality,army or allies could be attacked and destroyed. Every task is accompanying with branch lines. The picture of the game is really elegant and there’s no any flaw in the mountain, bay, or town.

3. Mlutiple applications in diverse fields
Cockpit simulator flight simulator right or left hand which brings unprecedented ultra-realistic feeling not only filled in the blank of domestic racing car market but also brings countless commercial opportunities. It is apply to amusement park and theme park as well as science exhibition, action scene, private club, racing car club, racing car simulating school, 4S car sales shop, high-grade estate, star level hotel, KTV, game hall, large cinema, home cinema, car exhibition, aero exhibition and diverse large advertise activities. 

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 Flight simulator cockpit simulator basic parameter 

NameVR Flight Simulator
Power6kw (servo motor)
Dynamic of freedom2 consecutive 360 degree rotations
Motion amplitudeup and down360° (25° to 180° per second)
front and back360°  (25° to 180° per second)
Rated load150kg
Size (L*W*H)


Package size (L*W*H)


Occupied space (L*W*H)


Control the computer and software

Game joystick free control



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