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Explore VR Simulator Business Potential

- Oct 07, 2017-

There are some industry barriers in the enterprise market. Besides the profound understanding of the pain points in the industry, it is also critical to highly fit the technology solutions of the industry. "Each industry requirements, demands, precision is different, obviously, marketing is about 10 times higher than the requirements of the entertainment, and in the field of medical requirement for more rigorous. This means that the VR simulator enterprises should not only understand the appeal of advertisers, advertisers will with existing VR simulator technology, put forward to practical requirements, the two sides together in cooperation continuously explore, to find the most suitable solution. For example, in the process of doing the content you will find that there are pain points, how do you do the original painting

Be clear and experience a little better. These require technical support. Through project cooperation, we will know how much VR can be developed now and jointly promote the development of VR simulator marketing.

How to do content experience? For VR simulator marketing, an important reason for enterprises to have no core competitiveness is that most enterprises can only rely on scenes to repeat stories. Different vertical areas are specialized in the field of surgery, and companies cannot provide effective solutions if they can't understand the needs and pain points of the industry. It is only in a subdivided field that it is possible to shape its core strengths and take the initiative in the competition of the industry. For example, MindMaze, a Swiss company, is a virtual reality neurotechnology company focused on VR, with $100 million in funding, valued at more than $1 billion.

From the perspective of C, VR simulator enterprises also need to master more general consumer information, how to tap consumers' needs and understand consumers' preferences is crucial. Nine's powerful content development team provides a reliable guarantee for VR content.


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