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Fall In Love VR Coming To The Oculus Rift

- Oct 07, 2017-

It has been a while since the question of whether it is possible to build real relationships through the Internet or virtual reality (VR). While some people question the validity of the romantic or friendship generated by this approach, for others it is the lifeline. "Fall In Love VR" will explore this problem and try to use virtual reality to promote connections between real people.

Inspired by the New York times's 36 questions that lead to love and Arthur Aron's study of human intimacy experiments. "Falling in love VR will reshape modern people's dating and create real connections between people.

The project is co-sponsored by Oculus Studios, Tool of North America and director Kevin Cornish. Fell in love with VR allows the user to by VR transmission to the bushes, merges with a group of actors wait, using complex speech recognition software, users can interact with actors, ask and answer questions, from the leisure, daily information to personal, intimate information and so on.


Julia Sourikoff, VR executive producer at Tool of North America, said the Tool is signing and VR/AR will generate the original concept of the new medium itself. The first plan Kevin proposed to us was falling in love VR, and we knew immediately that he was a creator we wanted to sign, and that was a project we wanted to produce. We will be raising money in the next few months until we become Oculus as a partner and formally approve the project. The rest is history!

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