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Fan Benefits: This Year's World Cup Has VR And UHD Ultra HD Live Streaming

- Jun 09, 2018-

IT home on June 3, this year's World Cup in Russia will officially kick off on June 14. On the eve of this world-class fan event, the BBC officially announced that it will conduct a full VR live broadcast of 33 games this year. In addition, 29 of them will also have live streaming of UHD and HDR video.


The BBC will broadcast VR via the BBC Sport VR - FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. This app will be available for free on Apple, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go and PlayStation VR.

According to the BBC, fans and friends can access the App via smartphones or supported VR headsets, allowing them to find their own private private boxes in the Russian stadium. During the game, fans can watch the event in the seat closest to the venue, or they can watch the audience in the air box.


In addition, the BBC will also perform Ultra High Definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) live video on its own BBC iPlayer application. However, this is not something that everyone can enjoy. First, fans need compatible ultra-high-definition TVs and high-speed Internet connections. In addition, UHD Super HD live broadcasts have limited places and are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

The BBC had attempted to broadcast UHD in the 2014 World Cup and this year's England FA Cup final. This year, the BBC finally truly embraced the live 4K. This may be an important node in the development of sports broadcasting technology. Consumers should hope that these technologies will be used more widely in the future.


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