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Finland's Ron Dearing University Introduced VR Software And Hardware To Foster Immersive Technical Talents

- Dec 21, 2017-

Finland's Ron Dearing university introduced VR software and hardware to foster immersive technical talents

Cultivating the next generation of immersive technologists is seen as a need for development in all industries, which is why universities around the world have begun to take such courses seriously. Recently, Ron Dearing University college of technology (UTC) in Helsinki, Finland, began investing in high-end VR hardware and software.

UTC bought Virtalis company of Visionary Render software, a 4.5 meters wide ActiveWall display system, as well as the installation of the six Virtalis Active desktop Desks, used in digital technology and mechatronics education of students, students mainly age 14 to 18 years old.

The support comes mainly from Hull Port Hull, a regional development fund that is not only working with companies but also partnering with universities to supply VR technology to students, said Steve Willacy, associate dean of the college.

With the support of these software and hardware, students can better explore and understand information and data, and export CAD data for real-time large-scale rendering.

"We hope the VR technology not only bring Helsinki's small and medium-sized enterprises, also hope that students will be able to create their own CAD, 3 d experience in the design of VR model, and use 3 d printing to make the final results." Willacy added.

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