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From Cinema 4d Movie Early Experience

- May 16, 2018-

In recent days, I has gone to see a movie with friends, which is a large block of the United States that was released simultaneously with the whole country. Like the citizens of other provinces and cities in the Mainland, it was the second time that they enjoyed the big movies from home and abroad. The cinema 4d experience in the process of watching the movie really made me cheer and scream with the moviegoers in the entire movie theater.

After watching the movie, the moviegoers were still enjoying the water spray, the hair blowing, and the seat shaking experience in the movie. We were mostly excited and satisfied. The cinema 4d movie may not be unfamiliar to the mainland, but for we ,it was our "first experience" .

Take the fast development of the film and television industry in our district as an example. The film in Tibet went through the history of the filming team rushing from mountain to river and carrying a projector to the village. In that era, even a single unit and a county could see a movie that made everyone excited for a while and was very rare. Afterwards, Lhasa has a cinema, but the films that can be screened are mostly red movies. Not only is it later than the mainland's schedule and not new enough, it is also a trendy thing to have children to watch a movie. After 2000, it can be said that the film industry in our district has ushered in the spring of development. Digital, 3D, domestic and foreign films, and the whole country and even the world are synchronized. Nowadays, 4D movies can also be watched and experienced. Variety of film types. In addition, films filmed and produced by Tibet itself, or movies based on the theme of Tibet, have mushroomed and have enriched the film industry in our region. It can be said that our district has now entered the “fast lane” of the development of the film industry.

The significance of this "fast lane" is extremely important. Film is a cultural carrier that is well-received and delighted by the people. It is not only an important cultural industry and a new type of service industry, but also an important ideological and cultural propaganda field. Through rich film products, we can not only promptly propagate the Party’s line, principles, and policies to the farmers and herdsmen, provide strong ideological guarantees for the economic and social development and stability of our region, but also help promote the popularization of advanced scientific and cultural knowledge and civilization. A healthy and upward lifestyle is conducive to improving the ideological and moral qualities of farmers and herdsmen; it is conducive to opposing divisions, safeguarding social stability, and safeguarding the unity of the motherland and national unity. At the same time, it is also an intrinsic requirement for the development of cultural industries, the construction of public service systems, the promotion of urban image quality, the scientific guidance of urbanization, and the promotion of overall economic, political, cultural, and social coordination and development of cities.


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