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Full Scene VR Dazzles Out Audi Autopilot Technology Audi Brings You A Different Service Experience

- Jun 01, 2018-

The FAW-VW Audi brand new service technology training experience day was held in Beijing Audi Training Center. FAW-Volkswagen Audi sales department minister Zhang Xinghui delivered a speech at the launch ceremony. During the event, guests and users had a better understanding of the relevant knowledge and highlights of Audi's mechanical and electrical training, and visited Audi's original spare parts, quality accessories, technology world, green spray, and other exhibition areas. Throughout the entire process, Audi's powerful after-sales training system and the core value of Audi's "professional, distinguished and pleasant" service left a deep impression on guests and users.

At Audi's after-sale training science and technology experience hall, the Audi L3 auto-simulation driving exhibition area is simultaneously open to show the latest progress of Audi in autopilot. Daoge also personally experienced the charm of a "full-scene VR" on the train. Through the "full-scene VR" simulation under various traffic conditions, the auto-driving function of the Audi car started to avoid pedestrians and vehicles.


In this activity, on-site professional trainers explained and demonstrated the relevant knowledge of electromechanical training for key Audi models. Through introduction and explanation of electromechanical technology knowledge, on-site guests and users have further knowledge of Audi's overall after-sales technical level. In addition, the on-site guests and users have a deeper understanding of the advantages of Audi original spare parts and boutique accessories by visiting original spare parts, boutique accessories and other exhibition areas.

Based on the user experience, science and technology guides the future. Over the years, Audi Service has been guided by “Zhuo Yuet” service strategy. Based on the advantages of the original professional service, it has been constantly improving, striving to improve its own level, and practicing the “user-centered” service. The strategy is to continue to introduce innovative service items and preferential policies around the needs of users, and is committed to providing users with the service experience that they want.


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