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Google Launches Jump Start Project Once Again Provides Professional Level VR Camera For Creators

- Jun 02, 2018-

 From the quiet campus to high mountains, we can “walk through” the world with the help of Jump Start creators. For film makers, the cost of high-end VR devices is sometimes unbearable. For this reason, Google launched the Jump Start project to provide creators with professional-grade VR cameras. As of now, the Jump Start project has helped more than 100 creators complete their VR projects.

Google has once again started the Jump Start project, and interested parties can now apply immediately, as of June 11th. If selected, you will be able to use Jump Camera and Jump Assembler for free. In addition, in order to help everyone get the project inspiration, the two 17-year Jump Start creators have provided you with their suggestions.


 Producer L. Michelle Salvant said: "My advice to filmmakers is, first of all, you need to realize that the camera is an actor in your video. This means that you need to determine the role of the camera and implement this role throughout the film. Also, try to be as close to the story as you can, while paying attention to the recommended technical guidelines. This is an immersive medium, so be brave enough to immerse the camera in the scene. Finally, if you do not feel connected with a particular scene, cut it off. VR is a true empathy machine, so every scene should have a soul. ” For "Loved by All VR," which just premiered at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, you will follow the young Pemba Sherpa to the Khumbu region of Nepal. Pemba's story mirrors the past of world-renowned mountain climber Apa Sherpa: The conflict between high-altitude porters and dreams, a dream that can only be realized through education and knowledge.

Producer Steve Henderson said: "My advice is to proceed theoretically and technically as well. Your job as a director is to surround the camera with the development of the story in an engaging and natural way, to become a master of occlusion, and to understand how this will affect the scene in terms of mood and audience's attention. ” Google said that they want to help filmmakers like Steve and L. Michelle to realize their creative concepts and help us explore new places. The Jump Start project is now open for application. The deadline is June 11th.

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