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Guangzhou City Planning Exhibition Center Opens To See 4dx Cinema Film Millennium Rams

- May 16, 2018-

Guangzhou Daily (All media reporter Du Juan correspondent Sui Guofang announced the photography report) The reporter learned from the Municipal Land and Resources Planning Commission yesterday that the Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center in Baiyun New City is now fully open, and the public can use the WeChat public number of the center. Appointment visits can also be made at the Visitor Center after checking in with an ID card. According to reports, the exhibition center is open to the public free of charge. The interactive exhibitions in the 4dx cinema museum account for more than 30% of the entire exhibition.

According to reports, the Exhibition Center is led by He Jingtang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The exhibition exhibits a blend of tradition and modernity, culture and technology. It has artistically displayed the cultural heritage of the millennium heritage of Guangzhou and the past and present of the city's development. It has become a vivid expression of Guangzhou. Urban planning and construction of historical, present and future "urban cultural living room" and an important place to show the light of Guangzhou city.

The exhibition center is subtly integrated into the high-precision technology display area of the “IAB” industry in Guangzhou, reflecting the new and cross-border composite functions. The "immersive" 4dx cinema, the Guangzhou version of the "Ching Ming River View", the 6D "Ride Through" video, and the VR experience ... show Guangzhou as a national center city's urban landscape and its grand blueprint for future development.

On the front of the large space of the prologue, the “transparent concrete wall” was created using light-transmitting and environmental protection materials. Inside the light-transmitting concrete wall, there is a 3mm diameter fiber, and the LED light board behind the computer controls the light. Underneath the light-transmitting concrete wall is a large screen linking the “Guangzhou-growth skyline”. The lights on the upper wall show fine-grained control of the Guangzhou city's range of different periods. The lower movie shows the skyline of Guangzhou. The changes in the line, the corresponding ages of the two appear one by one, and jointly demonstrate the changes and pattern characteristics of Guangzhou in 2200.

The 4D film "Millennium Rampart" is based on the history of Guangzhou's urban development. It connects the major urban construction and humanities events in Guangzhou's historical nodes together to let everyone know about the millennium history of Guangzhou. The 8-minute publicity film “Guangzhou-Global Hub Network City” matches the stunning sound, light and electricity elements and depicts the grand blueprint of Guangzhou's urban development. There are also 7,434 square kilometers of physical sand table in Guangzhou, which enriches the panorama of Guangzhou according to the ratio of 1:3800.

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