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Guangzhou GTI ,Movie Power Impacts Are Huge

- Sep 15, 2017-

Guangzhou's most prestigious GTI exhibition in Guangzhou Guangzhou Exhibition Center A District attracted numerous like a raging fire, to see a crowd, unusually unpopular scene, in a word, huge crowds of people. Will be held for three consecutive days on September 13th, No. 14 and No. 15 grand, and will lead to a revolution in science and technology.


Movie Power debut in the exhibition on the first day of the hot scene, from the opening to the end, the flow of people is increasing, the experience is more in an endless stream. The influence of dynamic GTI was invited to participate in the exhibition with full sincerity and done in one vigorous effort eight heavyweight products to customers to bring customer experience exhibition, one-time multiple different products felt feel, a play enough. Eight products for mech fighting, my heart is flying, wild legend, magic speed, road cycling, unlimited, the vast knight and VR Family. The scene is hot.



No hurry, no hurry, first to feel the hot spot on the scene, play a game almost two hours ahead of schedule reservations, can do a VIP membership is fine.

A sound and adventurous moment; a speeding sound. By the way, sorry, the game is so realistic and exciting that it scares you.

The mecha fighting team against online.

The most popular, the boot has not stopped, look at the expression will know

VR fly simulator, the latest product, soaring sky

Customers who end up praising each other are really flying


VR racing car, speed and passion

Look, that's the old driver. He knows through the glasses

Road legend, super realistic city cross-country trip

Is to take the car Biao rings, flying self


Magic cycling, healthy exercise and spiritual washing

Ride the music and enjoy the different rides

Unlimited crossing, the most shocking limit challenge

It's hard to imagine what kind of adventure he had, and his face so embarrassed

The knight, at top speed, ride the battlefield, a war gods

He rode a horse galloping like handsome tall and strong


VR Family

Can take six people, together with happy, wonderful content without limit

This expression, what has happened just now? The chin is out

Customers are rushing to place orders when the site explodes


Address: Pavilion, A zone, exhibition hall, Guangzhou Canton Fair, 6T14/1

We offer you an unlimited discount

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