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How Is The 7D Cinema For Business?

- Oct 19, 2017-

The development of the film and television industry is booming year by year, and the number of screens, the number of visitors and the annual box office index all show a linear upward trend. Various forms of cinema bloom, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D different technical content and viewing effect of the cinema have logged into major cities, for the audience to bring more viewing options. 7D cinema is currently the highest specifications of the theater, much attention is on the cusp of the wind neckline.

7D cinema joined the theater has been investment chiefs who talked about the conversation, an innovative entertainment project is destined to become the focus, but there are many unknown, the future development of space is still much Yuhua a concept, the air will subside, the prospect of how nobody dared to draw a conclusion. Investment bigwigs is small, no large-scale into the 5D theater, 5D theater to join only to small side play side wait-and-see attitude.

At present, throughout the 7D cinema for film and television market share is only a drop in the bucket, but rare, as long as it is unprecedented in 7D cinema are hard to get a vote, almost every attendance rate reached 100%. According to a number of companies operating 7D cinema, the number of 7D cinema is really in short supply, many consumers often regret queuing for several hours, yet to see a movie. More than 90% of the audience in a cinema show that they are eager to watch 7D movies, and hope that the 7D cinema will increase the projection hall, develop more 7D films, and inject new impetus into the film and television industry.

7D cinema join prospect according to the current market demand and the prospect of a case, very good for innovative projects, thought not too indecisive. Investment in 7D cinema, not too much on the basis of the film industry want to share, parroting blindly attitude must be correct, believe their eyes to judge.

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