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How To Operate The 9D VR Theme Park

- Dec 12, 2017-

How to operate the 9D VR theme park

1.Choosing not to be popular, just ask for cheap rent!

If the shops are not properly sited, even if the VR industry is so hot, the policy is so good that it can't beat the door. It is the consumers' money that the operators earn.

2.9D VR theme park  is only selected according to personal preference!

"Preoccupation" is the biggest disadvantage of most businesses at present. You know, the product we started with was for the masses, not for fun!

3.Don't pay attention to store decoration, just open shop quickly!

The VR product is meant to be used for entertainment, which consumers would like to spend in a store that doesn't even provide a service? (Guangzhou Movie Power VR theme park is popular)

4.Save operating costs and not focus on activities!

The working day of a month is up to 70%, the clever businessman does not rely on the holiday to absorb gold simply, hold the promotion activity appropriately, grasp the heart of the consumer.

5.Free pricing, the more expensive the better!

VR as a new thing, don't let its high value scare away a lot of customers! Reasonable pricing, customers are willing to pay for it, have fun, the business is making money and happy!

(the successful experience of many franchisees of phantom stars)

6.Not focusing on team building, I'm the boss!

Let the staff team work hard with the owner's mentality, its earning potential is not to be underestimated!!

7- not focusing on service quality, poor customer management!

"Customer is god" is true, store service is done, customer relationship management is good, consumers have fun, you are the big winner!

There is a good opportunity for earning money!

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