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IAAPA Attractions Expo

- Oct 24, 2017-

Host country: America

Host city: Orlando

Exhibition hall: Orlando international convention center

Time: 2017/11/14~2017/11/17

"American IAAPA entertainment exhibition" held more than 90 so far, is currently the global electronic game recreational industry's oldest professional exhibition, the exhibition for exhibitors and buyers, regardless of the hardware and software equipment layout of the exhibition hall is the best communication of global entertainment industry trade platform. Exhibition products, including: theme parks, amusement equipment, water amusement facilities, parks and scenic spots, coin-operated games, security products, related products theater facilities and peripheral products, toys, dolls, computer system/software, participatory playground equipment, etc.

The organizer will hold education seminar on November 15, solstice, November 18, 2008.

Last year (2015) "the IAAPA entertainment facilities" exhibition, attracted more than 30 countries and regions of the world's nearly 2000 famous game companies exhibition, the exhibition, a total of 30000 people play during the visit, at 23 kinds of a total of 129 entertainment products. Both mainland China and Taiwan are represented in the exhibition, and the display of multi-game amusement and entertainment machines has attracted the attention of exhibitors and visitors, and has received good display benefits.


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