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In The VR Version Of Cat Backyard, Countless Cat Slaves Are Sucking Cats

- Jun 09, 2018-

As the most photographed pet on the social network, cats are well deserved in the animal network's first net red position. Love cats are probably human instincts, so that when I do not know when we have a large number of “cat lovers” Scoop eunuchs will habitually take photos and videos of their cats, and those who do not have the opportunity to raise cats may use a variety of cats or mobs to heal their souls and send them off.

Therefore, people who like cats, but have no way to raise cats, are still paying attention to the latest "cat sucking" method.

Last year, the well-known Cat Catcherthat Cat Backyardannounced at TGS Games that they would launch a PS VR version of the game in 2018. At that time, I was puzzled to see this news. A placement-type mobile game with only 2D pictures suddenly strode into VR games. Today, the game named “Cat Backyard” has officially launched into the PSN service store. Many Twitter users in Japan have also dried up their game screens.


The normal mode of the “cat backyard” is a large-scale mobile game. The hand-drawing style is still adopted, and the cultivation and collection elements are basically unchanged. The cat will still play with your put-out toys and run to eat the fish you have set. It is still very easy to play, although it is a paper cat, but it is so cute.

The difference is that thanks to better performance, this time we can see how these paper cats interact with the toys and the sense of joy increases.

In the previous mobile game version, most of the time the user was only able to see through the screen, but there is no way to break through the dimensional wall and paper cat interaction. In order to satisfy the majority of “catching people”, this time the developer Hit-Point added a function in the VR version that allows players to make full use of the VR mode and “put in” the world of paper cats in the first person perspective. And "personally" to experience some fun.

It is also because VR perspective can bring more immersive experience, so after the game is on the shelves, even some cat owners are indulging in it.


In addition, due to the nature of the placement game, in the “cat backyard” of the mobile game version, we often have to exit the game and wait for a while before we can see the new cat (the cat’s mood is too hard to guess). Including the “Travelling Frogs” after that, we are all too inconvenient for them to disappear and return, so that each encounter has a long-awaited feeling of reunion. The two games are similar in terms of emotional triggering.

According to the latest data, the cumulative download volume of the “cat backyard” mobile game version has exceeded 22 million times.


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