VR Theme Park

VR theme park is a new type of entertainment place, which is characterized by immersing tourists in different virtual worlds through virtual reality technology. This kind of theme park usually has multiple experience areas, each area has a unique theme and scene, allowing visitors to interact with VR helmets, handles and other devices.

In the VR theme park, visitors can try a variety of extremely exciting and thrilling experiences, such as cliff jumping, flying, deep sea exploration, dinosaur exploration, etc. In these experiences, tourists feel as if they are in a real scene and feel the shock and excitement of being there.

    • VR Machine Simulator

      VR Machine Simulator

      High Profit Indoor Interactive VR Roller Coaster Simulator Machine.Small space required, with high profits, which is very suitable for shopping malls, game centers, and theme parks.It’s CE certified with reliable quality and 24 hours after sales service for global customers

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    • Game Machine VR

      Game Machine VR

      VR Chair Cinema Roller Coaster Amusement Park VR Gaming Machine.Equipped with coin payment and accountant system, which is very suitable for shopping malls, game rooms, and VR centers etc.Movie Power offers 24 hours online after sales services for all customers

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    • Virtual Reality Set Gaming

      Virtual Reality Set Gaming

      Theme Park 9d VR Machine Game Zone One Stop Service Amusement VR Simulator Games.With account management system, it’s easy operation and profitable.Conform to CE certification,24-hours technical support, It’s a reliable choice from more than 2,000 customers worldwide

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    • Coin Game Machine

      Coin Game Machine

      Entertainment Playground Equipment 3 Screen Racing Car Game Simulator,Rich equipment, different games, to meet the preferences of all kinds of consumers!Multiple propaganda modes, leisure and entertainment, popular science and intelligence

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    • Amusement Park Machine

      Amusement Park Machine

      Indoor Games Simulator Zone Interactive 9d Virtual Reality Game Machine.It's suit for Shopping malls, video game towns/playgrounds, cinemas, squares, pedestrian streets, parks, resorts, ecological farms

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    • Virtual Reality Amusent Park

      Virtual Reality Amusent Park

      vr theme park vr park virtual reality amusent park There is many kinds of vr products inside,such as vr chair,vr walker,vr racing,vr flight... no need to go to amusement park then you could enjoy all kinds real experience here,such as large pendulum,order...

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    • Virtual Reality Theme Park Games Indoor Amusement Park Equipment 9D VR Zone

      Virtual Reality Theme Park Games Indoor Amusement Park Equipment 9D VR Zone

      Virtual reality theme park games indoor amusement park equipment 9d vr zone VR Theme Park is consisted of different VR simulators, including many kinds of experience, such as riding, shooting, running, sporting, adventuring, ect. The VR simulators are VR Battle, VR Racing, VR Standing, VR Bike,...

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    • Simulations VR Amusement Games Virtual Reality Theme Park

      Simulations VR Amusement Games Virtual Reality Theme Park

      Simulations vr amusement games virtual reality theme park VR Theme Park is the most popular concept of VR nowadays. It's suitable for the shopping mall, amusement park, science museum, game center, theme park, water park, ect. It can be customized to different size, from 20 square to 500...

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