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Guangzhou Movie Power is one of the leaders of VR industry, is the first to enter the 4D dynamic cinema company, got the patent certificates of 4D cinema dynamic seat control system and wireless control system, have the construction capacity of large 4D dynamic cinema. The successful cases include 72 seats 4D dynamic cinema in Beijing Guorui shopping center, 4D theater in Vietnam National Stadium, and 4D cinema in Dubai. Movie Power is the earliest enterprise to research and commercialize electric cylinder technology in China. The dynamic of the seats produced and the synchronization with the film are among the highest in the industry.
    • 4xd Theater

      4xd Theater

      4xd theater A four-dimensional space consisting of a three-dimensional movie and surrounding environment simulation. It is a new type of film and television product based on 3D stereoscopic film plus environmental effects and simulation. It provides physical stimulation to the audience through...

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    • 4dx Theater 5d Cinema

      4dx Theater 5d Cinema

      4dx theater 5d cinema Thrilling sensory experience In order to increase audience participation, realism, and excitement, 5D films are generally designed as a first-person perspective, so as to make it easier for viewers to interact with movies and achieve 5D experience. Bring you a very sensory...

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    • 7D Interactive Cinema

      7D Interactive Cinema

      What is 7D interactive cinema Movie Power 7D interactive cinema includes main control system, projection system, sound system, 6-DOF dynamic seat system, environmental special effects simulation system and interactive simulation real gun six systems. The layout for 7D interactive cinema : Main...

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    • 7d Cinema For Sale

      7d Cinema For Sale

      5 advantages for 7d cinema to wealth 1.Creative projects have the most competitive advantage The new high-tech film and television products meet the psychological needs of consumers, and they are full of novelty items that are exclusive, novel, adventurous and interactive. Product selling points...

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    • 7d Cinema Technology

      7d Cinema Technology

      The ultimate move Infinite competition Subverting traditional concept of 7D interactive cinema Movie Power 7D interactive cinema is an innovative cinema that combines extreme high-tech with 3D animation, 5D scenes, dynamic simulation, sensory special effects, and human-computer interaction....

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    • 4D/5D Dynamic Cinema

      4D/5D Dynamic Cinema

      4D/5D dynamic cinema 4D/5D dynamic cinema is based on 3d theater, the stereo projection system (huge arc curtain, theatre surround stereo, three-channel seamless splicing hd projection broadcast control system) and professional dynamic seat and a variety of environmental simulation equipment of...

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    • Motion Ride 5D Cinema Simulator

      Motion Ride 5D Cinema Simulator

      Motion Ride 5D Cinema Simulator Motion Ride 5D Cinema Simulator is based on technology of 3D cinema, it is a new digital movie technology, 5D cinema compromising various complicated special effect like lightning, snow, vibration, spray and so on. 5D Movie Theater is a new cinema form emerged in...

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    • 5d Project For Motion Chair Cinema

      5d Project For Motion Chair Cinema

      5d Project For Motion Chair Cinema 5d Project For Motion Chair Cinema turns the magic of the short movies into a living reality with a special effects simulator ride. The Cinema combines 3D physical and environmental effects for an ultimate theater experience. Its an overall feast for the...

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    • Movie Power 4D Dynamic Seat Cinema

      Movie Power 4D Dynamic Seat Cinema

      Movie Power 4D dynamic seat cinema Many 4D dynamic seat cinema in the market are the same, which is different from using the power source, but now the pneumatic and hydraulic pressure is gradually eliminated by the market. As the manufacturer of 4D dynamic seat cinema, it is necessary for us to...

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    • Movie Power 7d Interactive Cinema

      Movie Power 7d Interactive Cinema

      Movie Power 7d interactive cinema The invention of 7d interactive cinema allowed us to plunge in the world of virtual reality. This technology is a perfect combination of 3D images and effects produced by the special equipments upon the human perceptive organs. You become totally involved in...

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    • Xd Cinema

      Xd Cinema

      7D interactive xd cinema has powerful function, you can see the previous 3D, 5D film, you can also play exciting 7D interactive movie. One person can interact with the film,

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    • Motion Simulator

      Motion Simulator

      The 7D interactive motion simulator experience hall is only 30 square meters, with 6-9 seats in the audience.

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MOVIE POWER is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of xd theater in China. Advanced technology and equipment as well as qualified staff can assure you of high quality and good performance of our equipment. Welcome to buy xd theater at affordable price with our factory.