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Movie Power is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research & development and application of VR, AR and 4D dynamic technologies. It integrates creativity, R & D, content, production, sales and operation services. Focus on providing high-value immersive entertainment education products and solutions for indoor parks, cultural tourism, science research and other industry applications.



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    极速赛车168一分钟开奖查询记录-历史号码-开奖直播 Futureland Fun Zone

    This vr experience hall, which is the most popular places in Malaysia. This is the hottest place for our customers. At the beginning of the preparatory stage, he only bought a part of the product. Later, during the trial operation, the store was crowded with people every day. Because he saw the development prospects of VR equipment, he added more products to purchase.

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    USA Microsoft

    The two foreign companies that did not have much intersection, because of an opportunity, stirred up the waves of new technology. With its excellent product quality and excellent service system, Movie Power has successfully won the trust of Microsoft, providing a variety of VR products for this international giant company, as an enterprise experience device, providing excellent use scenarios.

  • 1.Sri Lanka WorldPlay 2.USA Microsoft 3.4D theater in Dubai Learn More.....
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    The largest 5D cinema in Asia

    Changlu 5D Cinema, with the world's top equipment and genesis recorded 234 seats, 180 degrees of ring screen stereoscopic image.