Interactive Floor Projector

Interactive Floor Projector

Children Coin Operated Machines AR Magic Interactive Floor Projector Game.Interested kids interactive projection games,suits for puzzle projects that aiming at 3-8 years old children.The interactive projection area can be adjusted according to the site size and requirement.

Product Details

Children Coin Operated Machines AR Magic Interactive Floor Projector Game

The interactive floor projection system has a number of key features that make it the ideal product for advertising businesses to use. It is a complete solution with absolutely everything needed to set it up and customize it included in the package. Even more importantly, the interactive floor system is plug and play and very easy to install.

interactive floor projector

Interactive floor projection systems can be used in a number of different places. They are perfect for displaying advertising because they attract so much attention. Some of the different effects of the interactive floor can even be used in conjunction with advertising. For example, people moving on the floor’s surface can move leaves to reveal a store ad underneath. This type of advertising is ideally suited to shopping centers, trade centers, market places

Another great application for an interactive floor is for wedding. The bride could be trailed by falling rose petals as she walks down the aisle. Later, the floor could be set up to amuse kids during the reception as they can play games such as soccer, hockey or even race cars on the projected floor. These types of games can also help to keep kids calm as they wait for appointments at a doctor’s office, dental center or hospital. Many offices have developed much better patient relationships because of an interactive floor installed in lobbies or waiting rooms. Children are no longer afraid to return. Instead, they actually look forward to it!

interactive projection

Parameter for Interactive Floor Projector

Product NameInteractive Projection
Power0.45 KW
Service24-hour after sales service worldwide
Warranty12 months, lifetime maintenance
ApplicationShopping malls, experience halls, cultural tourism projects, etc

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Warranty and After Sale Service


1,1 year for hardware, 
2,lifetime for software. 
3,whole life for updating and maintaining the software for free.

Training Service:
Customer can send a technician to our company, and we can train him how to operate and maintain the eggshell cinema.

After-Sale Service:
Use remote control technology to check and fix the problem online by our technicans. Can offer efficient after-sale service in any time.

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