Interactive Projection Game

Interactive Projection Game

Indoor Kids Games AR Fun 3d 7d Hologram Interactive Projection Floor Games System,Multiple kids interacting interactive projection games at the same time, suits for puzzle projects that aiming at 3-8 years old children.

Product Details

Indoor Kids Games AR Fun 3d 7d Hologram Interactive Projection Floor Games System

Interactive Projection Game Business guidelines

1.Covers only 6 ㎡, suits for VR theme park, shopping mall, children playground.

2.Interested kids interactive projection games, suits for puzzle projects that aiming at 3-8 years old children.

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Interactive Projection Game Multiple people interacting at the same time

Virtual and real interactive experience, vivid and rich colors can attract children to participate actively with the strong interaction.

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Interactive Projection Game Easy operation

Supports 10 players games once time; covers small area, easy to install and operate.

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Interactive Projection Game No Space limited

The interactive projection area can be adjusted according to the site size and requirement.

Interactive Projection Game Easy to change different games

The ground interactive projection can change any switching screen through the system.

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Parameter for Interactive Projection Game
Product Name 
Ground Projection
Space Required
6 square meters
Target Users
 3 years old or older
Number of Games 
30 PCS
12 months,lifetime maintenance
24-hour after sales service worldwide

Interactive Projection Game Our Showroom
Daily receives more than 10 batches of customers from China and abroad to visit and inspect the company.

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a.2000 square meters of VR Show Room
More than 30 different kind of VR products, divided into children's parent-child area, fashion entertainment area.

b.Science Popularization and Research Exhibition Hall
Combining with multimedia technology like sound and light, 4D somatosensory and 3D vision technologies to real restore some unavailable scenes.

c.Scene Theater Showroom
Really restore the marine world, so that the audience is completely immersed in an ocean, as if being in the underwater world.

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Interactive Projection Game Service system
1.Provide professional guidance on product portfolio solutions;
2.Free customized design store decoration and CAD drawings for local conditions;
3.Free to make customized 3D design;
4.Free for decoration and electric line layout for guidance;
5.Free assistance location selection or business circle assessment, market analysis;
6.Free for installation in the location

Interactive Projection Game About us

1.Equipment manufacturer + experience service provider + IOT data service provider
2.10000 Multi-square meter VR•4 D Industrial Park
3.11 years special in VR •4D motion technology research and development application
4. 24 hours after-sale service, 24 hours whole staff standby, 24 hours to solve the after-sales problem

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