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Interactive Wall Projection, Fantasy Interactive Experience

- Jun 02, 2018-

 Interactive Wall Projection, Fantasy Interactive Experience Wall interactive projection is a common projection method of interactive projection. It can combine the intuitive movement of the human body with the wall surface to create a new interactive space. The wall interactive projection sets a high-definition video screen, rich display effects, and a variety of application images. It can easily bring pleasant and interesting interactive experiences in any public area, mobilize the enthusiasm of the audience, and gather the popularity of the scene.

The wall interaction is also called the interactive wall projection system. The core equipment is a projector, an effect computer, infrared sensing equipment, interactive interactive software, acquisition and recognition software, and interactive content software. Movie Power uses advanced computer vision technology and projection display technology to create a fantastic and dynamic interactive experience. The system can produce various special effects images on your wall. Let you enter into a wonderful world that combines reality with reality. Visitors stand on the wall of the interactive projection system. By capturing the movements of the human body, they can directly use their hands or actions to interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen. The interactive effects will change accordingly with your body movements. So the audience has a brand new interactive experience.


 Ar ball hitting combines traditional wave pool and projection interaction technology, using physical props, virtual reality technology, 3DMapping technology and advanced image capture technology, combined with mature 3D game engine to create a vivid naked eye 3D effect. It can accommodate multiple people to interact and play together and create opportunities for parent-children to play together. Both men and women, young and old, a family, friends and classmates can participate together to experience the competition and joy of the game. The combination of virtual and real images and novel and interesting interactive methods give players a brand new gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy themselves in real and virtual worlds, creating creative and high-tech games.

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