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Is VR Simulator Expensive? How Long Will It Get Back The Money?

- Oct 17, 2017-

Many people want to invest to build a VR experience pavilion, but no VR the operating experience of the industry, for which VR equipment manufacturer always uncertain of choose and buy, on the market the price of the VR devices provider is multifarious, VR equipment too cheap price is not credible, but the price is too high and not acceptable.

How to choose the real VR equipment that is cost-effective and real is the first contact with VR industry merchants, and how is the price of VR equipment reasonable? How long does it take to start making money? Many businesses are choosing to give up without professional guidance, missing out on the best opportunities.


For a wide variety, variety of VR devices, businessman really do not know how to start the choose and buy, VR equipment price is to let its dazzling, interlaced, such as the hills, unaware are beaten a, greatly increases the chance to buy bad products, how to measure whether VR equipment expensive, according to the purchasing of VR device type and the number of audit, it is one of the important elements of the reference of product quality. The price of VR equipment is the conscience of the industry. We trust your customer's good words.

The purchase of a VR equipment into operation, the seller must be concerned about the cost of the VR equipment will take time to recover. A single set of devices is normally operated with the business model of VR +, such as VR+ KTV, VR+ cinema, etc., which are naturally brought by the people in these places, and the cost of recovery usually takes only 3 months. If running a VR experience pavilion, therefore, need to buy a lot of equipment, the money will be huge, but because it is currently fashionable popular form of entertainment, recover the cost roughly between 10 months to a year, after pay profit very profitable, by many businesses.


VR industry for nearly three years of development by leaps and bounds, VR equipment price war finally gradually incline to cease, senior business after years of practice, slowly accumulated certain experience, which VR equipment provider prices and quality reasonable price already know, how long can recover the cost, some is particularly important and personal way of business, factory only put quality first can win the trust of businesses, enterprises can go far better.

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