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Join The 9D VR Theme Park

- Dec 12, 2017-

How do you spend your free time on weekends? Do you want to play the game the fresh stimulus, 9D VR Theme Park which is good Extraordinary future 9D VR Theme Park, give you a new gaming experience, immersive as characters, wilderness survival game experience, VR car racing game experience, VR stand up roller coaster game experience, 9DVR egg chairs, children's VR games and other vr entertainment.

Extraordinary 9D VR Theme Park to join the introduction of high-end virtual reality technology, face feelings again, with vivid still picture, let every one extraordinary future VR gaming experience player no dead Angle of 360 degrees swim in the virtual world.

Construction support: the headquarters Marketing Department will select the location of the franchisee based on the actual situation, analyze the related information of the industry, and provide the most reasonable planning scheme of the design scheme.

Operation support: the management method of unified franchise chain headquarters, communication of corporate culture and business philosophy, guiding and regulating the daily business of franchisees, including marketing technical guidance.

Training support: the personnel training department of the headquarter is a teaching material for franchisee to train franchisee staff, improve the overall quality of staff, evaluate the staff overall, and hire employees for the department.

Planning support: the headquarters planning department has been carefully planning for the whole Marketing Department of the department, including the planning of opening, etc., using advertising publicity, etc. to help the chain to build up the popularity of the chain.

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