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Learn About The Price Of VR Devices

- Oct 11, 2017-

Now VR virtual reality this concept has already been to the skies, believes that many eat the melon crowd began to imagine yourself like iron man image of the skies, but before that, you need to purchase a VR devices, will face a serious problem at this time: VR devices which good, secondly, what is the price of VR devices. This article will compare the several VR devices in the market, so that you can purchase the right products according to your own needs.

Many people don't have a clear concept of VR devices. In simple terms, the mainstream VR devices in the market can be divided into two types: mobile phones and mobile phones.

VR box

Need to phone the VR equipment have a unified name - VR box, such devices have in common is the use of mobile phones to drive and display content, so they have two lens to zoom in the mobile phone display screen. Apart from that, the distinction is whether they are connected to mobile phones and whether they have independent control areas.

The low-to-9.9 packet of VR boxes is the only way to remove all the extra features, leaving only slightly designed shapes and two magnifying glasses, so the price can be so low. Although hardware savings on the price, but due to the manufacturer to is fake, it is a start-up company, on the software does not have enough qualifications, so users need to spend a lot of time to find and download content, is very complicated.

VR all-in-one

VR all-in-one in essence is a smartphone into no communication wore monitors, due to the integrated operation and display capabilities, so the VR box is more convenient than disassembling back and forth, and, because do not need to be considered frivolous problems, performance can be higher than the average smartphone. But there is no advantage over the price of the VR box, and the price of about 3,000 yuan makes it destined to become an awkward product.

VR headsets

VR headsets, represented by HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and SONY's PlayStation VR, are currently the highest in the field of VR, but they also have the problem of having to use a lot of cables to connect to high performance hosts. However, from experience effect and the number of resources, and these three items mentioned several products are completely different, therefore also brought their minimum 3000 yuan, the highest 7000 yuan high price, at the same time, the video card requirements of minimum GTX970 turned off most of the computer, including PlayStation VR need to match SONY own consoles PS4, it is a cost of 2500 yuan or so.

So which one is better?

Everything that is not judged by its use is a rascal. To know which VR devices are better, you need to start with your own needs.

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