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Millet VR All You Want To Know Is Here

- Jun 09, 2018-

At Xiaomi's annual flagship conference, Xiaomi's VR all-in-one was officially unveiled. But in front of the annual flagship Xiaomi 8 series mobile phone, this product did not win too much "play time." In the morning, Xiaomi specially held a separate product communication meeting for the millet VR all-in-one machine, which allowed us to more closely understand the details of this product more closely.

Earlier this month, Zuckerberg announced at the Facebook F8 Developer Conference that Oculus Go, the first VR all-in-one product jointly created by Xiaomi and Oculus, was officially launched. After this product was released, it was widely praised by overseas media. "Time Magazine" commented that "this is what VR looks like" and gave the title of the best invention of the year. The millet VR machine is the Chinese version of Oculus Go.


Millet VR one machine is different from our common VR equipment, which is equivalent to a high-performance mobile phone + VR optical system + sensor + somatosensory handle in a VR device, has a complete VR experience, the price is relatively affordable. At the same time, it is very convenient to use at the same time, does not need to connect, does not need to rely on the mobile phone also does not need to connect the host computer, the boot can use, is a product that can enjoy the VR experience at any time and place. According to Tang Mu, Vice President of Xiaomi's ecological chain, Lei Jun's four-character evaluation after the first experience with Xiaomi VR is "unparalleled," and he has never seen Ray always "so clueless" (when experiencing). It is reported that this product's domestic and international sales are very good, the domestic millet mall only 4 minutes to sell all stocking was sold out. Tang Mu said that the research and development of this product took nearly two years and the investment was very large. Xiaomi also placed high hopes on this product.

Hugro Barra, Oculus vice president, said that Oculus cooperated with Xiaomi because after joining Facebook, Zuckerberg set himself a goal of “billion users”, and Xiaomi is undoubtedly a reality. The most suitable partner for this goal. It is reported that Hugo Barra played a very key role in the cooperation between Oculus and Xiaomi. Without him, the cooperation between the two parties may be difficult to reach today.


At the communication meeting, Tang Mu also gave a detailed introduction to Xiaomi VR integrated machine. The millet VR is equipped with the Snapdragon 821 processor and Adreno 530 GPU. After optimized for VR use, it can automatically overclock the work, leaving the processor fully powered up and ensuring that its performance can take advantage of the complex screen effects of the VR world; Aluminum alloy front cover with U-tube cooling system, strong heat dissipation; ATW algorithm smooth out frames, whether it is to watch panoramic video or play VR games, have a smooth and refreshing experience.

In addition, millet VR one machine is also equipped with built-in panoramic sound near-field headphones, through the VR head of the catheter on both sides of the sound to the ear, without wearing headphones can enjoy 360 ° surround sound, less leakage, will not caused too much interference when people around, through the data acquisition of the sensor, no matter how the head rotates, the sound will appear in the corresponding position.

Millet VR one machine has 32GB and 64GB two kinds of storage versions are available, priced at 1499 yuan and 1799 yuan respectively, buy and send a value of 169 yuan fine game. Millet VR all-in-one has been sold at the millet store, Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall, Jingdong and 22 millet homes at 0:00 on June 1st.


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