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Movie Power 9d Vr Simulator Takes You Through The VR World

- Nov 01, 2017-

Almost all businesses follow the traditional business model, which is to move the business to the Internet, and the move is very popular. But VR virtual reality experience museum has a new way to make people experience VR virtual reality as an economic model. 9d vr simulator is a different way, because VR virtual reality itself is to find a new way in the screen. VR virtual reality does break the boundaries of the screen and create a 720 degree virtual world where people look up, head down, look around, and can search inside. The 8th sense VR theme park is a 9d vr simulator experience pavilion, with a stylish and beautiful dynamic space capsule. Of course, beauty isn't useless. At the very least, it can attract consumers to the experience hall. And the dynamic capsule is not just beautiful, it has a three-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform below it. With the function of the dynamic platform 4 dx cinemas in the function of dynamic seat is the same, it can simulate the turbulence and rolling all actions arising from the film, it can get experience pavilion more immersive feel. Many manufacturers of VR virtual reality experience, also is the one plus one, in the form of the sense of VR 8 theme park is under this form, for the increased vibration, dynamic capsule tong back, leg, the function of the jet. And many smart phones on the market, for better sales, but for the phone to add a lot of useless functions. VR theme park can be matched with 8 virtual movie make experience person feel the vibration of the aircraft, was hit by debris, is each other feeling, such as cars, in order to obtain more real, more deep feeling. The 8th sense VR theme park is a dynamic space capsule configured for 9d vr simulator experience pavilion. All these special effects are very useful. Because the 8th sense VR theme park to experience is not only in VR virtual reality around watching this virtual world, but also to have the experience in doing some can't do in reality. In the 9D VR virtual reality experience library, it is not only the latest technology, but also the enjoyment of digital virtual art. What art is, art is people engaging in certain activities, or doing something. For example, painting, playing and dancing, actually flying should also be an art. When you put your helmet on, you can fly in VR virtual world with your helmet on, the front and back of the dynamic capsule, and the vibration effects. We can fly a few hundred bucks, of course, but it's not that easy to get a pilot's license. It's even harder to fly a jetpack, like a bird, in the sky. A jet pack costs $150,00. But for a few dozen dollars, you can fly a jetpack in VR virtual reality experience and fly in the most beautiful, dreamlike VR world. This is indeed a refreshing feeling, our ears to hear surround type visual + comprehensive sound experience, bring glasses saw is stereo Gao Qingke extension, it is a new experience. Virtual reality isn't about deceiving you; it's about believing that the virtual world is real. It's just a digital virtual world that allows your nerves to swim in. Of course our nerves are not only ears and eyes, but our sense of touch and balance makes us feel incongruous


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