Movie Power VR Kids Simulator Game

Movie Power VR Kids Simulator Game

Movie Power VR Kids Simulator Game is the first lastest vr version for children, which makes use of special lence and hand-glasses in order to reduce the pressure of eye-using and to make them be immersed in the world of vr in the most comfortable and healthy way, is the digital model served.

Product Details

Movie Power VR Kids Simulator Game is the first  lastest  vr version for children, which  makes use of special lence and hand-glasses in order to reduce the pressure of  eye-using and to  make them be immersed in the world of vr  in the most comfortable and healthy way, is the digital model  served as englightenment parner help to develop kid's intelligence and other  protential skills.

Kids VR Machine SimulatorVR equipment is the most popular virtual reality commercial products for children, it is suitable for many indoor commercial center and children educational center. Low invest, but it can bring you fast and big profits.

children's partners for enlightenment -- Kids vr game which is combined with environmental protection, adventure, natural science,magic and some wonderful elements about space, provides enough space to encourage children’s imagination and enjoy the sea of knowledge by customizing large amounts of funny VR enlightenment games for children.


At the same time, in the golden period of children's economy and VR market's outbreak , Kids VR Machine Simulator is the best investment program you can't miss!


  • Item:  Movie Power Kids VR Machine Simulator

  • Model: MP-Kids VR Machine Simulator

  • Dimensions: L700*W800*H1300MM

  • Weight: 75KG      

  • Power: 1000W

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  • Introduce:

  • Movie Power Kids VR Machine Simulator independent research and development for 3 - 10 years old children with a new concept of educating children. Children can be in the fantasy virtual game world and experience VR entertainment in the game by the operation of hand-held VR glasses, also can get gifts. entertainment, education, science as a whole.

  • Advantage
    Easy to play : By operating VR hand-held glasses, Control the Left and Right keys of the VR glasses to choose the game and start the game.

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  • VR Hand-held Glasses
    Each VR Kids Simulator Game is equipped with VR hand-held glasses for you to experience a 360 ° panoramic view. To create an immersive environment, The kid who wearing VR hand-held glasses once turn the head and the scene will move accordingly ; 
    Glasses Handle each have two button, The Front used to assist the experimenter to complete the main interface of the operation and puzzle game scenes in the interaction, such as the choice of games, into the game, switching games, shooting, archery, shooting and so on.

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Feature for the Kids VR Machine Simulator

1.Different Color of Kids VR Machine Simulator For Choose.
2.Interesting Bear appearance .
3.Hand-held VR Glasses.
4.Coined operation vr game machine, easy to maintain the business.
5.Combine learning with virtual reality game.
6.Rich content, massive games.
7.Low investment for the machine and rent.

 4D cinema, 5D cinema, 7D cinema, 9D VR cinema, VR egg simulator, 6 seats vr family, Standing VR,VR racing car, Magic Interactive VR,  Robot VR, VR Bike, VR Tank, Space walk VR the longest product line. In the early stages of virtual reality, We put the concept of dynamic simulation into the virtual reality experience hall. Now, a wide variety of VR experience equipment, they can also be a VR theme park.

Movie Power as one of the leading VR solution provider, we have rich experience on VR site planning and design including cinema, VR experience museum, VR solution for education etc. The following are part of the VR projects we designed for our customers.

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Our service

Pre-sale service

1. Operation site design(PS/CAD). We offer professinal 3D site design for your site.

2. Experienced museum operation plan proposal and equipment operation training.

3. Publicity posters and online promotion support.

4. 24/7 on line service.


After-sale service

1. Installation

We offer 3 options to provide a better installing service for our customers.

A. Send your technicians to China to learn installing and testing

B. We will sent you diagram, instructions,picture and videos to show it.

C. Send our technician to your location to complete the installation.

2. Warranty

We offer you one full years factory warranty,we will offer 24 hours online maintenance for free,and supply you for free the damaged key parts excluding projection screen and the lamp of projectors induced by non-human factors.1 year hardware warranty.Lifetime technical support,free software and game update.

3. Movies

We have our professional team working on the movie,normally we can update 1-2 new movie every month to our customers during the period of warranty.

4. Design

We havr our professional designer,can supply and design the ticket and room decoration for you.Help you to do advertisements attracting more people and win the market.

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