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Movie Power's 4D Cinema Is Hot In Dubai

- Oct 18, 2017-

According to the investigation and analysis of the market share of 4D cinema, people outside the line say it is not optimistic. After all, 4D has not been popularized, and 4D has no market. But insiders have noticed that the market prospect of 4D cinema is so infinite that it has been able to discern the limitless business opportunities that others cannot see. The shadow drive is a tour of the franchisees of 4D cinema, and dubai, for example, is a living example of how the 4D cinema is making a lot of money and the market is booming.

Before joining the shadow drive, always operate in the indoor traditional cinema. In dubai, the world of entertainment, entertainment and entertainment is the main theme of life. The 4d cinema is located in the park is not because of a stream, but the 4d theater entertainment is high, and the fusion of the theme park is strong, mutually promote consumption frequency much higher than in conventional theaters. For a year and a half, long queues have become commonplace.

4d cinema dubai.jpg

Despite many years of experience in traditional cinema, the original mode of operation of traditional cinema has not been on the right track. The difference in the management of the site and the opposite of the flow of people have left the operators scratching their heads. The length of the content of the film has not been distinguished from the traditional films. The business was a mess, and the response was mediocre. After understanding the situation, the company and the 4D theater in dubai discussed the problems in operation and solved them one by one. Now they are fully on the right track, and the business is extremely hot.

Literally, on track after the 4d cinema every sound, every packed, queued up for viewing the spectacular scenes, from the day into the dark glimpse of  4d legend shock effect. According to 4D cinema management, the average daily customer is around 800, and the average ticket price is $10 , which is about $8000 a day. Such a gathering speed is an absolute one.


We in dubai the 4d cinema owners made a little visit, he said 4d cinema's popularity, make money so fast just because this brilliant film content, truth picture is unparalleled, and playing time is shorter, subvert the traditional concept of viewing, the end of the day playing games greatly increased, so the turnover is more. He laughs at the fact that five of the traditional cinema halls that he runs are not as well as the 4D cinema, which is planning to build a second 4D movie theater for more.


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