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Movie Power Three New Products Launched

- Sep 12, 2017-

In September 11, 2017, Guangzhou  Movie Power held a large-scale new product conference in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition center. This time, Movie Power launched three new products of extreme sports series, "vr surfing simulator", "vr skiing simulator" and "vr flying simulator". The new listing of high-tech sector attracted hundreds of people to come and watch, the scene is very hot, a large number of people.

The shape of the three products is very attractive, beautiful and incomparable. The marketing director of Movie Power Mr Su, carefully introduced the use and true feelings of the three products.

Thevr skiing simulator uses the latest field technology, a new model of competition, a journey of extreme adventure. Never seen a world of ice and snow can also taxuexinmei in the snow, Snow gleams white. through the mountains, across the jungle, arrived at the end point, enjoy double speed and passion brought by the southern sun also can snow. This is a ski machine that uses acceleration and gravity.


Unreal vr surfing simulator, 360 degree super real super exciting fly, waves and flying. Game player on a surfboard on the machine, in the vast sea wanton passion slide, the machine can simulate the sea breeze blowing, the waves face realistic, immersive experience, a new generation of players.

vr flying simulator,the sky is flying. Fly high in the wind, walk through the clouds, feel the thrill of thrills. Ultra real, super shock, super exciting immersive experience, the heart never stopped feeling. The distance between the upper air and the ground is thirty thousand feet above the sky.


Mr Su introduced three new products after the applause, media reported a sensation caused by the scene. The scene of the guests raced to experience new products bring stimulation, screaming as one falls, another rises without stop. Experienced guests and friends have praised the quality and creativity of the product, the scene have orders, hot extremely, three explosive products so simple birth.

Close to three hours, the new conference is a complete success, the driving force has been proud of the success of people.

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