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Movie Power VR Earthquake Experience Hall

- Jun 01, 2018-

 Earthquakes are an inevitable natural phenomenon, and earthquakes happen frequently in China. The wenchuan earthquake shocked the world and caused great loss of life and property to the disaster-stricken areas. It is a common task facing mankind to understand earthquakes, prevent earthquakes and carry out self-rescue of epicenter. In order to enhance the consciousness of protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters of teenage children in our country, popularize knowledge of earthquake science, calls national mitigation of earthquake disasters, my company China seismological bureau, institute of engineering mechanics, design for the school, the education base of the earthquake experience.


In the undeveloped past, people often used the power of gods to explain the causes of earthquakes. With the progress of society, it has become a scientific weapon for modern people to understand, analyze and prevent such natural disasters from a scientific perspective. An earthquake chamber is a system that simulates the actual occurrence of an earthquake.

What is the purpose of earthquake simulation in the VR Earthquake Experience Hall?

There is only one objective: to improve the level of earthquake - proof and self - rescue for adolescents. We will disseminate knowledge of earthquakes, increase awareness of earthquake resistance, disaster reduction and self-protection among young people, and improve their ability to cope with emergencies such as earthquakes. In the planning of this project, we adopted some high-tech display methods to increase the knowledge, fun, participation and interaction of the hut, which is refreshing. Because it integrates modern means of display such as film and television technology and photoelectric technology, it makes seismic hut have high starting point, high technology content and rich characteristics of The Times in the display content and form.


VR Earthquake Experience Hall simulation system

The seismic simulation experience system is completely based on the seismic waveform data provided by China seismological bureau, including longitudinal wave, horizontal wave offset and vibration frequency. And the movement characteristics of the superposition of surface wave, with the support of seismological bureau, we get the first-hand original data, wenchuan earthquake to the original data for reference for earthquake simulation experience of related indicators at or close to the movement characteristic of earthquake.

The surface characteristics of shallow seismic waves are as follows: longitudinal waves arrive first, transverse waves arrive a few seconds later, and surface waves and other composite waveforms will be mixed between longitudinal and transverse waves.

Characteristics of simulation system

· real experience environment, real room;

· real-time simulation of seismic shear, longitudinal and surface waves;

· the picture is synchronized with the earthquake vibration, and the feeling of being there is combined with lightning and smoke effects to create a real environment

· the system is easy to operate and fully automatic after start-up

Earthquake hall simulation platform

Xuanjing technology launched a seismic simulation platform, while upgrading the series of seismic hut. The new seismic simulation platform has been upgraded and improved more than 20 times on the basis of the old model. To provide customers with a more professional, more realistic earthquake experience.

Earthquake experience hall simulation hut

The seismic hut is composed of a simulated earthquake platform and a house on the platform. There are hydraulic system, sensing system, computer control system, sound system, automatic scoring system and so on. The simulated platform can simulate all kinds of magnitudes and seismic waves when an earthquake occurs.

The magnitude and duration of the simulated earthquake are preset on a control panel. There is no data of wenchuan earthquake, tangshan earthquake, kansai earthquake in Japan and other data in the system.


VR Earthquake Experience Hall system description

Six degrees of freedom, my company earthquake experience platform six axis motion control system adopts the most advanced, applicable to earthquake science venues, science and technology museum, the amusement place, the most real audience to experience the feeling of the earthquake highlighted violently shaking on the ground, when the earthquake wave longitudinal wave, shear wave, combined with the visual, audio and special effects of the organic coordination, let a person see. With the further understanding of earthquake related knowledge, to achieve a certain popular science effect, to improve people's awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.

, experience the earthquake effect of the change of the multiple platform to simulate the earthquake magnitude as the main line, highlight the natural human knowledge, reveals the nature, improve people's understanding of the earthquake, to prevent, the earthquake comes to take the necessary self-help measures.

· the platform adopts new steel structure framework and simulation platform technology, with compact structure, realistic simulation environment image and reliable circle. Built in sound system. With the change of earthquake magnitude, different acoustic effects are produced, and the language system also introduces different earthquake knowledge.

Main configuration

Hydraulic power system, experience platform, platform guardrail, floor, step, strobe. Smoke machine, control unit, metal screen (maximize according to site), sound system, control system, etc.

Functional features

·6 dof hydraulic drive

· it can screen left and right before and after, lift up and down, rotate left and right, pitch forward and backward, tilt left and right

· multi-directional free movement

· load of the sports platform is more than 2000KG

· imported valve assembly

· the new design of the upper frame structure

· the lifting range shall not be less than 150mm

· the tilt range shall not be less than 100mm

· embedded BC interactive detection software

· flexible collocation of power system to achieve different levels of seismic simulation

· platform mechanical movement is more reasonable

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