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Movie Powrer VR Theme Park Lands In 122nd Canton Fair

- Oct 12, 2017-

In 2017 is known as China's another new year of VR, by starting from the year China research and development of VR technology industry present situation of blossoming, but appeared to immersive VR theme park as a representative of the mature VR projects. The immersive VR theme park is a popular project that launched in 2017, and has been featured in various exhibitions such as GTI, Dubai Entertainment and Amusement Leisure Show,Asian Attractions Expo 201. Now, at the 2017 Canton fair, a popular VR theme park has emerged as a popular choice for people to start their own business.

canton fair.jpg

The details of 2017 122nd Canton Fair as follows:
Date: 15-19 October 2017
Booth: 5.1 Y10

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