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Netease And Survios Acting Raw Data 4 VR Games

- May 22, 2018-

In the 520 Netease game brand conference, NetEase announced a strategic cooperation with VR game developer Survios, introducing "Raw Dada" and other four VR games to continue its expansion of VR game product line. The release of the VR game strategy was arranged before the end of the tour, Netease official said that through the introduction of quality VR games, the company continued to deepen the strategic layout of the VR field.

The strategic partner of Netease Survios is a well-known game studio in the VR field and has developed VR games including "Raw Data" and "Sprint Vector". Previously, Survios won a $50 million investment led by MGM Films at the end of 2016.In the cooperation, NetEase stated that it will introduce "Raw Data" at home and localize it, including the sinicization of games and the optimization of multiplayer games. "Raw Data" will be launched in offline channels in China, including PVE version and multiplayer version. In addition to "Raw Data", NetEase will introduce three other Survios games: the multiplayer Parkour VR game "Sprint Vector", the music hybrid creation VR game "Electronauts", and the VR game "Creed".


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