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New Functions Of Beijing Subway App Realize VR Navigation For 15 Subway Stations

- Aug 15, 2018-

New functions of Beijing Subway App Realize VR navigation for 15 subway stations

  The subway is the most frequently used vehicle, but it is not so convenient for users who come to play or foreign friends. Recently, the Beijing Subway APP has been updated to version 3.2, adding a lot of useful features.

  These 15 Subway stations piloted the on-line VR real-view navigation function, which can be used to view the subway station panorama through the mobile phone.The 15 stations include Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station, Liuliqiao Station and other transportation hubs, such as Tiananmen East and Tiananmen West, as well as residential subway stations such as the North Canal West and Tongzhou Beiguan.


  Take Wangfujing Station of Metro Line 1 as an example. After clicking into VR real-world navigation, the App displays information such as line transfer mode, various entrance and exit directions, and toilet location in the form of a panorama. The lens can also be stretched as you needed. At the same time, passengers can also check the location of equipment such as ticket vending machines and stairs.In addition to helping users understand how to take the subway, how to do the most comfortable. Passengers can also choose to check the congestion level of a particular station. The app will directly display the congestion level of the station near the passenger's location based on the location.Passengers can choose whether to take the subway during this time depending on the actual situation.In addition, for some passengers who are not familiar with the subway line, the app has added functions such as transfer, arrival reminder and personalized reminder of the last bus.

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