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Oculus Go Kicks Off The Facebook VR Campaign

- May 22, 2018-

No need to operate smart phones and computers, no need for extra connections. Open the $200 Oculus Go, wear it, and enter the virtual reality world. Facebook uses Oculus Go to target every aspect, first reflected in the advertising banners: Buy this box and your adventure begins. You will have everything you need to get a good virtual reality experience.


Oculus Go is very easy to use. Just install the Oculus app on your Android phone or iPhone, where you can download and install games and other applications such as Netflix, Hulu and more. Then place the Oculus Go on your head and slide the built-in speaker to your ear. The headset is comfortable to wear, but the display is prone to blur when worn for a long time. The biggest drawback of the Oculus Go is battery life. The battery life is about 2 hours. If it is exhausted, you need to put it back on the charger. At the same time, the Oculus Go has only 32GB and 64GB capacity ($199 and $249 respectively) and does not support memory slots to expand the available storage space.

On average, the 32GB version can hold about 3 HD movies, 10 games and 20 applications in Oculus Go. When you install a 360-degree VR movie it will be much bigger than a high-definition movie -- they sometimes exceed 10GB. After all, Facebook is a social media source. The emphasis on social experiences is also experienced on Oculus Go. If your friends also have Oculus Go, then you will be able to communicate in a virtual world with a specific incarnation. Now that it is only the initial stage of VR family-building, when the technology is further developed, the scene in the movie "Number One Player" may be one step closer to us.


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